“Quality improvements are carried out throughout the whole organization to increase the effectiveness of activities and processes to create benefits for both the organization and its customers.” - According to ISO 9000.

Người sản xuất coi chất lượng là điều họ phải làm để đáp ứng các qui định, qui trình và yêu cầu do khách hàng đặt ra. Chất lượng được đo bởi sự thỏa mãn nhu cầu, mà nhu cầu luôn luôn biến động nên chất lượng cũng luôn luôn biến động theo thời gian, không gian, điều kiện sử dụng. Vậy với mong muốn đáp ứng được các nhu cầu cần thiết của khách hàng vì thế Việt Hàn đã đặt chất lượng sản phẩm và dịch vụ là mục tiêu hàng đầu để hướng tới sự phát triển của công ty ngày càng vững mạnh


With the trend of the world entering the Industrial Revolution 4.0, primarily focusing on smart production, high-quality human resources are increasingly serving a decisive role in the country's socio-economic development.

In recent years, Viet Han has accelerated the process of industrialization and modernization to quickly integrate into the international market. The biggest strength of Viet Han in comparison to other companies is the abundant source of young workforce that is most receptive to technology and science.


With a view to spreading over the network of concrete batching plants to meet the growing needs in construction industry, Viet Han has invested and mastered the latest systems of batching plants, mixer trucks and boom pumps, always preparing enough capacity to meet orders as required by customers.


Introduction video

Viet Han Production – Trading and Construction Co., Ltd. (known as Viet Han) was established on 12 June 2009. It began producing and supplying ready-mix concrete with the first batching plant in BRVT province. Afterwards, other plants were built in Ha Tinh, Thanh Hoa, Nhon Trach - Dong Nai in order to serve for typical and remarkable projects in the areas. 2016 marked a significant milestone when Viet Han expanded its market in Ho Chi Minh City. And so far it has had 04 batches now serving key projects in this largest construction market of the country, simultaneously turning a new page on the journey to become the leading concrete and building materials brand in Vietnam.


Ready-mix concrete production and supply

Building materials supply





Bê tông đạt cường độ sớm là loại bê tông thương phẩm đặc biệt, có…

This is a special type of concrete with superior compressive strength ...

Shrinkage compensating concrete is made from a mixture of cement, aggregate ...

Flow concrete is a reasonable choice for thick reinforcement or difficult locations ...

Bê tông ít tỏa nhiệt là loại bê tông thương phẩm đặc biệt, sử dụng…

Sulfate concrete, also known as anti-erosion concrete, is to strengthen ...


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