Sulfate concrete, also known as anti-erosion concrete, is to strengthen the durability of works. Due to the special mineral forming inside the structure after curing, concrete is resistant to hazardous elements such as sulfate ion and chloride ion, enhancing anti-corrosion of concrete and reinforcement in erosion environments (seawater, wastewater, water containing industrial chemicals...). This type of sulfate concrete is suitable for underground structures of marine and coastal constructions, sewage treatment systems, embankments, chemical channels, chemical storage tanks...

Applications: Thi Vai International Terminal, Cai Mep Terminal, Binh Hung Wastewater Treatment Plant, Tan Thuan Tay Residential Area, Phu My Fertilizer.


  • Eliminating the risk of being attacked by erosion elements for concrete and reinforcement, and against environmental corrosion.
  • Preventing osmosis of chloride ion into concrete.
  • Increasing waterproofing ability for structures, protect reinforcement.
  • Prolonging longevity of the project
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