Dear Valued Customers!

“Viet Han Company would like to send our best wishes and warmest greeting to all of our Valuable Customers and Partners.

Viet Han was established with a desire to become an enterprise of international stature. The Company, currently, is in the field of manufacturing and supplying building materials; transportation and trading, especially, ready-mixed concrete.

The development of Viet Han throughout the past few years has shown the persistence in orientation of concrete and building materials business: materials production complying with both domestic and international standards to meet all the requirements of civil and industrial land or marine projects, as well as high-rise building or plants, seaports.

The biggest challenge for us up to now is to create high quality products with optimal construction features and competitive price for contractors; researching and using environmentally-friendly materials to ensure conformity for mass-production. To achieve this goal, Viet Han has chosen to pursue sustainable development in every department and every stage of our business progress, actively forming a dynamic, creative working environment exploiting innovative ideas of young professionals to harmonize with the experienced experts. Besides, our company always places an emphasis on corporate social responsibility as a part of our business culture.

Each member always bears in mind that our today and future success, cannot be obtained without your cooperation and support, our Dearest Customers and Partners.

With enthusiasm and over 10-year experience, we hereby commit to striving to become a powerful enterprise, bringing practical benefits to Customers, Partners and contributing to the community.”

Best regards.